What is SEPA Request-to-Pay

SEPA Request-to-Pay (SRTP) is new standardized real-time messaging layer on top of European financial infrastructure.  SRTP is use case agnostic and payment method agnostic.

SEPA Request-to-Pay is convenient and safe payment method. Customer authentication and approval of payment happens always on customer mobile banking app. Customer adds IBAN only once. Pinecone stores IBAN securely and processes payment requests on behalf of merchants, platforms, retailer, and invoicing companies.

Payment experience is smooth redirection to mobile banking app. Payment is real-time account transfer. The start of the payment process is something new and very convenient and it can be something surprisingly cool as well. It can be no-click, double-click to earbuds, blink of an eye to smart glasses, biometrical identification, voice command or on chat-bot interaction.

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